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Administration of a deceased estate can be overwhelming and complicated

Let us help. Contact us today to learn how we can assist with the administration of your loved one’s estate. We use our experience to guide you through the process and handle all of the legal and administrative tasks, so you can focus on grieving and moving forward. Don’t hesitate – call us now to get started.

Deceased Estates

Administering a deceased estate is an emotional time, which is why George Lawyers do our very best to make the whole process as easy as possible for you.

We help to advise if a grant of probate is needed for the Estate administration or if no Will left behind, we can help you apply for letters of administration to ensure the deceased’s estate is being handled properly.

George Lawyers help the executor of the Will to fulfil his/her legal duties and obligations in detailing the deceased estate’s debts & liabilities, and assets, and to distribute the remaining assets according to the Will.

Please contact George Lawyers if you need help with administering a deceased estate.

A Probate of Will

Probate is the process of proving in the Supreme Court that a person’s Will is valid and is the last Will of the deceased. A probate is often the first step in the administration of an estate, and grants the executor (usually named in the will), the authority to distribute your property among your beneficiaries, according to your instructions.

This step is also often commonly referred to as making an application for a Grant of Probate. Getting granted a probate will help you avoid potential risks, including the possibility of challenges to your estate. This application is usually made by the person named in the deceased’s Will as the Executor.

Applying for a grant of probate can be complicated. You must complete a number of legal documents and file those documents with the Supreme Court. George Lawyers can help you with this process.

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A Letter of Administration

A grant of Letters of Administration is a legal document issued by the Court, which allows the administrator to manage and distribute the deceased’s assets.

There are two types of applications for Letters of Administration:

  • Letters of Administration – the deceased died without leaving a will
  • Letters of Administration with the Will annexed – the deceased left a will but there is no executor available to apply for a grant of probate.

Applying for Letters of Administration can be a complex process. First, you must conduct a thorough search to locate any Will that may have been made by the deceased or any document that might set out the deceased’s intentions in relation to the distribution of their estate. We recommend you give us a call before commencing an application to apply for a grant of Letters of Administration.

Administrator of the Estate

The person responsible for administering a deceased estate is most commonly referred to as an executor, but in some circumstances, could be an administrator or a legal personal representative. An administrator is usually appointed in the case of a deceased person who has left no will or has no executor as part of their will.

In the case of an executor passing whilst in charge of someone’s estate or simply not being able to fulfil their duties, an administrator will be appointed to manage the deceased estate and distribute the assets. As it can be difficult to understand, George Lawyers can help you with this process.

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