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Ensure the success and protection of your business with professionally written commercial contracts.

Contact us today to learn how we can draft, review and enforce contracts to fit your specific needs.


Contract law applies to almost every business decision and transaction made today – from negotiating and agreeing Terms of Trade, through to credit arrangements on the payment of invoices. George Lawyers have extensive experience in preparing and advising on all forms of commercial agreements. We can prepare contracts for your business that will ensure your rights are protected, negotiate favourable terms on your behalf and successfully represent your business in the event of breach of contract.

When it comes to contracts George Lawyers can help you with:

  • Commercial contract – drafting, reviewing and enforcing
  • Credit Applications
  • Trading Conditions
  • Agreements for the sale or supply of goods or services
  • Advising on Commercial Arrangements
  • Terminating Contracts
  • Building and Construction Contracts
  • Commercial Leasing Contracts

If you need help with a commercial contract, give us a call today.