A conveyancer is a licensed and qualified professional whose job it is to provide advice and information about the sale of a property, prepare the documentation and conduct the settlement process. There are a few reasons why someone would seek a conveyancer’s services; usually when they are buying or selling a property, subdividing land, updating a title (i.e. registering a death) or registering, changing or removing an easement. Whether it’s buying, selling, commercial or transferring, George Lawyers can help you every step of the way.


Buying a property is often a time-consuming task. First, you need to make sure all your paperwork and legal documents are sorted, as well as all your adjustments of rates and taxes, then you have to deal with (often back and forth) your financial institutions during settlement. It can all get a little bit complicated, but that’s why we’re here!

George Lawyers can help you:

  • Prepare, clarify and lodge legal documents – e.g. contract of sale, memorandum of transfer
  • Research the property and its certificate of title – check for easements, type of title and any other information that needs addressing
  • Put your deposit money into a trust account
  • Calculate the adjustment of rates and taxes
  • Settle the property – act on your behalf, advise you when the property is settled, contact your bank or financial institution on when final payments are being made
  • Represent your interest

If you need help buying a property we are happy to help with all your conveyancing needs, give us a call today.

As well as buying, selling a property is one of the biggest financial transactions most of us will ever make. If you are unfamiliar with the process, it can get a bit confusing and stressful; often involving a range of legal documents, title questions and requests from buyers. We can take all the stress off your shoulders.

George Lawyers can help you:
  • Complete and ensure the legal documents are all sorted
  • Represent you and respond to requests from the buyer – for example, request to extend dates, title questions, etc.

If you’re looking to purchase a commercial property, lease a retail shop or your seeking to buy a franchise, George Lawyers can help you with all the steps involved in commercial conveyancing – from pre-contract to post-completion.

We can help you:

  • Manage legal documents
  • Draft contract terms and conditions
  • Assist in negotiations for your commercial transaction
George Lawyers have extensive training and experience when it comes to property law and the transfer process - whether it’s land or property transfer - we can handle your title transfer efficiently and effectively and can manage any problems with ease.

Here’s what we can help with:
  • Draft or review contracts
  • Help complete all the necessary legal documents and submit them for you
  • Deal directly with the banks
  • Finalise settlement of the sale of your property on your behalf

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